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Nelson Radiology performs radiology services for many different patient categories.  These include private fee-paying patients, and patients covered under various subsidy schemes, some of which involve a copayment, for which the patient is responsible. 

Private patients:  They are the mainstay of our practice and always welcome.  Referrals are made by General Practitioners, Specialists, Midwives, Physios and other health practitioners. Private patients are responsible for all payments, although many will have private medical insurance, which often covers most or all of the cost.  If in doubt, please check with your insurer before your examination.

ACC:  Patients referred under the ACC Regulations  (not "High Technology" procedures) are subsidised by ACC, but Nelson Radiology charges a surcharge over and above the ACC payment. Please refer to the list of fees, to check the surcharge rate.  Referrals can be made by most health practitioners. Please use our usual referral form.  An ACC claim number is always required.

ACC "HIgh Tech":  Patients under the ACC "HIgh Technology" rules must be referred by ACC-authorised practitioners only, but they do not have to pay a surcharge.

The NZ Government:  This is usually through the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board and represents a partial or full subsidy for  various procedures under specific conditions, and in addition to the ACC regime as mentioned above.


Payment at the time of the examination is expected.  We accept most forms of payment, by cash, cheque and most major credit cards. Accounts can also be settled through this website.  Please do not hesitate to ask to speak to our accounts team before your examination, if you anticipate difficulty with payment.

The NRL Fee SynopsisDownload is a cut-down selection of commonly requested procedures. These prices are estimates only and are subject to change at any time. For some examinations there may be additional charges e.g. for anaesthesia. If you are concerned about the possible price of your examination, please fax the request form to us, or telephone us for an evaluation.

For any pregnancy scans please ensure the Section 88 two letter clinical indication code is used.  Download Clinical Indication Codes.