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CT Scanning Available

Nelson Radiology opened its new CT Scanning service in late October 2009 and has obtained IANZ accreditation and recognition from ACC that the new service meets their high standards for High-Tech Imaging.

This means that we can accept referrals from all specialists and affiliated ACC medical advisors. Any of these ACC referrals can be sent direct to our office and we will make the arrangements directly with your patients to receive the scan almost immediately. GP referral for ACC CT investigations is not currently covered.

In addition Nelson Radiology is able to provide all general CT examinations to your patients including:

1.         CT Colonography (CTC)

2.         CT Angiography (Circle of Willis, neck and chest vessels, and aortofemoral angiography)

3.         Musculoskeletal Interventional CT (spinal nerve root, sacroiliac, and facet joint injections)

Nelson Radiology is part of the Southern Cross Affiliated Provider Network.  This means that patients with Southern Cross insurance can claim for most of their CT scans on referral from their GP, with prior approval. This no longer requires a specialist consultation. We can organise prior approval for your patients on receipt of the referral.

CT Colonography (an alternative to optical colonoscopy) is a method for evaluation of the colon in symptomatic patients, and for screening in both the "at risk" population and in the general population over the age of 50. It requires bowel preparation (as in colonoscopy) but is non-invasive and has been shown to be much better tolerated than colonoscopy. Patients can return to work following the procedure and sedation is not required. CTC has been shown to at least match optical colonoscopy in detection of clinically significant polyps and colonic malignancy.

Under our contract with Southern Cross, GP referral for CTC for your symptomatic patients is likely to be covered, with prior approval.

Nelson Radiology can, of course, accept all GP referrals for examinations for patients who wish to pay for their CT scan.